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Neem.fr is a website for nature enthusiasts actively supporting the development and use of Neem.
We promote public and professional awareness of Neem's many possible applications.

Neem.fr est un site d'information concernant les diverses utilisations possibles du neem. Neem.fr est membre de : www.aspro-pnpp.org

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About the Neem

In Brazil, all the fruit and vegetable producers but also all the distributors of farm products know the neem. Since 2001, we use it frequently to cure the animals and for the agriculture.

The biologic alternative

The azadirachtin extract contained in the neem’seeds was very efficient against the larva that were destroying the foliages, against 13 species of lepidopterous insects and against sawflies.

Did you know?

When the tree reaches maturity, it can produce until 50Kg of fruits what is equivalent to 30Kg of seeds. These ones constitute the main source of components with some insecticidal properties as the azadirachtin. However, the quantity of azadirachtin contained in the seeds considerably changes according to the climatic conditions, the soil conditions and the genotype of the tree (Ermel 1986 ; Singh 1986).